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About Us

A fresh approach to South Asian cuisine.


About Namaste Cafe
fresh. local. organic

In countries across South-Asia, Namaste is a greeting of respect that literally means “I honor the divine in you”. We have chosen this as the name of our restaurant because we believe in its sentiments and want to extend our respect to all who grace us with their presence.


Namaste Café is a values-oriented restaurant and operates on the strength of its commitment to
a) Sustainable practices
b) Superior quality foods at moderate prices
c) Supporting local arts and artists
d) Creating innovative food and beverage options
e) Warm, hospitable, enjoyable atmosphere conducive to positive social interaction
f) Bringing a flavor of the world to your doorsteps

Our pricing, food and beverage options, ambience and service are guided by our values. Food and beverages at Namaste are prepared using local, natural or organic ingredients as far as possible. Please refer to our list of vendors for details.

Namaste Café is housed in a charmingly renovated Victorian house with warm hardwood floors and cheerful walls painted in rusty orange and saffron. The beautiful patio and porch at Namaste, complete with a water fountain and a lush garden, is a cool urban oasis providing welcome respite from the summer heat.

The food at Namaste Café is mostly inspired by South-Asian cuisine. Our menu features some traditional favorites such as the Mamacha from Nepal and Paapri Chaat from India. Many offerings however are our own creations. In preparing our food we value quality ingredients and distinction between different tastes and flavors. We are comitted to creating flavorful dishes, with sometimes subtle and other times explosive combination of herbs and spices. At Namaste, the taste of the food and flavours it carries depends upon your choices and preferences.


Namaste is acclaimed for its award-winning house-made chais which are unique to our cafe.

The beer and wine list at Namaste features moderately priced good quality beverages that hail from local and international breweries as well as microbreweries and small estates following sustainable practices.

Every month Namaste features works of different local artists & offers live music few times a month. If you are an artist interested in showing your work or playing at Namaste Café, please contact our art director.

We at Namaste value your patronage and strive to make it your unique local destination.